Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor

When it comes time to waterproofing your basement or crawl space, you need to make sure you’re working with a reputable company. Save yourself potential headaches in the future by making sure to ask the following questions when considering where to go for your basement waterproofing needs!

Is the company licensed, insured, and bonded?

The Best Answer: Yes

Why It's The Best: No reputable company will squirm at answering this question, especially in Michigan where it is legally required for contractors to be licensed. You also want to know about insurance, which will protect you from potential damage to your property as well as workers’ compensation in case something happens to a laborer on-site. Lastly, a properly bonded contractor is also critical, as bonding protects you from things like incomplete work and unpaid permits.

What type of warranty/service guarantee do you provide with your work?

The Best Answer: One that includes exactly what will be covered and the specific amount of time it will last.

Why It's The Best: It’s unlikely that you would make any kind of important purchase without checking to make sure there is a warranty. That’s even more important when it comes to your home. DryHouse, for example, offers a lifetime guarantee for the structure, with a service guarantee that lasts a full year.

Is the warranty transferable if I sell my home?

The Best Answer: Yes

Why It's The Best: The contractor/company you work with should have no problem with the next homeowner inheriting the solution, provided that the transfer process has been completed.

How many basements and crawl spaces have you waterproofed?

The Best Answer: One that indicates this isn’t the company’s first rodeo.

Why It's The Best: A company may be able to talk about what they do and sound very convincing, but if you ask for a specific number of jobs instead you’re going to get a better picture of how long they’ve been working. That in turn will give you a better idea of the quality of their work.

Is there a dedicated team on my job?

The Best Answer: One that indicates this isn’t the company’s first rodeo.

Why It's The Best: Companies often have more than one project going on a time, so it’s important to know that your job is getting the attention it deserves. DryHouse works with a team of full-time, fully-licensed employees, who have all received background checks. DryHouse does not work with subcontractors.

What is the timeline for this project?

The Best Answer: A specific timeframe.

Why It's The Best: Unforeseen issues are always a possibility, but experienced companies should always be able to provide a timeframe. DryHouse also accounts for time-sensitive situations, such as owners putting the house up for sale or extreme weather issues. The DryHouse team’s longest job completion to date has been 5 days.

Are you a company or a contractor?

The Best Answer: A company.

Why It's The Best: With a company, you can count on their investment in high-end tools with the greatest caliber of safety. A company is more likely to employ a team of professionally-trained, full-time employees. A company has the resources for both commercial and residential construction. For a company like DryHouse, if the job is too big, we also have the resources to position the work with our partner companies.

What is causing the problem?

The Best Answer: It always begins with the outside of the house and a look at the exterior drainage systems and geographical considerations. The next step is a trip inside the house to determine the conditions of the walls based on the home’s age and construction. Often, problems are due to failing exterior drainage systems, but geographical reasons such as a higher water table or excess hydrostatic pressure can also be to blame.

Why It's The Best: A resourceful contractor can easily explain what they will do to determine what is causing the problem. They can’t know what is precisely causing the problem until the work has begun, but they should be able to give you a good idea of what it’s likely to be.

Why do you think the repair you proposed will work best for my waterproofing problem?

The Best Answer: Because we’re going to take the time to properly diagnose the issue.

Why It's The Best: There is no universal repair for waterproofing issues. Taking the time to properly understand the home and its unique concerns is evidence that the company is not just providing a one-size-fits-all that may end up not being the right fit for your home. At DryHouse, we diagnose before we prescribe.

Are there other options?

The Best Answer: There are always other options, but they may not fully solve the problem for good.

Why It's The Best: If you’re curious about other options, you’re probably looking for ways to save money. Unfortunately, when it comes to basement waterproofing, saving money now is likely to end up costing you more later. Go with the solution that fully solves the problem for good now and you will save yourself unnecessary headaches in the future.


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