Leaks have met their match.

Catch leaks early, conserve energy and stop water damage in its tracks, all in one with the best in basement leak detection technology compliments of Alert Labs. DryHouse is proud to offer Flowie, the most intelligent water flow sensor around and it’s companion product lines. The future has arrived and smarter water sensors are here to help keep it safe and dry.

Whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, city manager, school board leader, contractor, or an insurance company, your property is in good hands with DryHouse’s new selection of intuitive water sensors.


The Flowie smart water level sensor keeps track of your water usage right down to the minute. Not only can it identify leaks and offer preventative leak detection, but it can also pinpoint running water in order to help you conserve energy and save money.

Cellular contracts or an internet connection are not required. Use a battery backup for continuous operation.


Meet Flowie’s right hand, the Floodie. This companion product is a basement water leak detector designed to work in harmony with your Flowie and alert you when a costly and dangerous flood is detected. This ensures owners take immediate precaution and prevent against full basement flooding.


Prevent overflow and flooding with instant sump pit water level alerts with the Sumpie sump pump sensor. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring and reports, this sensor helps you stay alert when your sump pump needs maintenance.

Protect Residential...

Our smart water sensors offer scalable solutions for single properties, as well as multiple units and locations. Whether you’re a homeowner or property management company, our smart water sensors are a must-have safeguard for your residence.

...And Commercial Properties

Our smart water sensors also offer professional grade protection and analytics at a fraction of the cost for all property types. If your business is your baby, these smart water sensors offer the peace of mind you shouldn’t operate without.


Always on the go? No problem. Our app provides a convenient dashboard to monitor properties at a glance, so you can stay on top of any issues immediately as they arise.




Have a hard time reading incremental data? No an issue with our smart water sensors. Our sensors offer minute-by-minute data to help you monitor normal activity and apparent problems.


You’ll know the second a potential problem strikes with instant alerts sent right to your phone. Never miss an issue and take action on the spot!


Run a property management company? Or manage a chain of stores or restaurants? You can look at and compare properties and events for all your smart water sensors in one simple central location.

We Are Here to Help!

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